January 31, 2023

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Board & Brush Diy studio coming to Sarasota’s College City Middle

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During my transient stint as a Female Scout in the mid-1990s, I recall making friendship bracelets, ironing decals onto basic white T-shirts and stitching new, colorful badges onto my Brownie vest. 

Those arts and crafts — like bracelet building, sand art, Shrinky Dinks and bedazzling — ended up a huge aspect of developing up. This was before you could get your young ones to shut up for a number of hours by shoving a smartphone or pill in front of their faces. 

It looks there is certainly a major element of the adult population that desires to relive all those arts and crafts times from childhood. I would argue it begun in 2012 with Boston-based Paint Nite, the place you can paint a portrait even though sipping a glass of wine with your close friends.

Now, the ‘adults having crafty’ market place has expanded to a precise form of do-it-your self organization wherever there are whole companies based all over generating wooden wall artwork.

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