December 1, 2022

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Can I Tell My Good friend Her Halloween Costume Is Problematic?

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A new pal in the Midwest was invited to an outside Halloween social gathering the place mask-sporting was requested. We went purchasing for an artwork-encouraged costume for her. But I saw that she was gravitating towards time period costumes. Soon after the party, she posted pictures on line. I was surprised! She wore a full-blown Scarlett O’Hara-form robe — to a mansion, no much less! If I’d recognised, I would have tried using to converse her out if it. This year’s popular Black Life Issue protests, along with the common whitewashing of the antebellum South, make her option feel insensitive. I’ll be viewing her soon, and I presently feel uncomfortable. I know she’ll share facts of the social gathering, and I come to feel obligated to enlighten her. Any advice?

Good friend

It’s one particular detail if your close friend went to the party dressed as Scarlett O’Hara. Casually masquerading as the heroine of a racist novel and movie in which Black people are portrayed as joyful slaves is problematic. Costume get-togethers really don’t offer enough context for racial commentary.

But it’s yet another point if your mate simply rented a Victorian costume with a crinoline underneath to make the skirt poof out. That design and style originated in England and grew to become trendy in quite a few locations (with at any time more substantial hoop skirts) in the mid-19th century. The attire are not mainly related slavery or the South. Girls in the North wore them, way too.

So, which was she: dressed as a character, or from an period? Be thorough about jumping to racism. (Your motivation to “enlighten” your buddy appears condescending.) If you are not confident, check with her: “What was your Halloween costume?” If she claims Scarlett, inquire if she viewed as the racial implications. If not, preserve your strength for crystal clear-reduce situations of racism.

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I broke up with my boyfriend during our coronavirus quarantine. A short while ago, he was diagnosed with inoperable lung most cancers. He begged me not to permit him die on your own. So I now have regular video clip chats with him, accompany him to doctors’ appointments and even stayed overnight in the clinic with him soon after he was admitted for pneumonia. The issue: He thinks we’re again with each other again and wishes to resume our sexual intercourse life (which his health care provider blessed). I really do not have those inner thoughts for him any longer, but I really don’t want to hurt him, possibly. Really should I have mercy sex with him or inform him I’m not into him?


Neither! By your form habits, you have revealed that you’re a good and loyal friend to your ex. Notify him you want to carry on supporting him during this complicated time period, but you have not adjusted your intellect about the breakup.

Now, this may well hurt his thoughts or even make him offended with you. Give him time to work through his feelings, but really do not slumber with him out of pity. If I were being in your ex’s placement, I would value a wonderful friend much more than a lover who was only acting the element. Wouldn’t you?

During the pandemic, our a few young ones persuaded us to undertake a dog from our neighborhood animal shelter. Spoiler notify: Elevating a pet is substantially more challenging than we believed. And ours is harmful. We’re thinking about returning him to the shelter, but we sense guilty about it and our kids really don’t want us to. What ought to we do?


I believe you truly feel responsible about returning the puppy to the shelter mainly because you ought to. When you adopted him, you created a dedication to the pet dog, the shelter and your family members to supply a fantastic property for him. Going back on your promise as well simply would be bad for everybody.

Call the shelter and convey to the adoption coordinator that you’re getting authentic problems with the puppy dog and will need support. The shelter may provide support or hook up you with a coach. I know that elevating a dog is tricky do the job. But till you have experimented with your ideal, it would be improper to return him. (And depending on the shelter, carrying out so may possibly have deadly penalties for the dog.)

I am the sister of the person who wrote to you previous week, wanting to just take again a now precious photograph from our parents’ estate mainly because he gave it to them a lot of many years in the past. He was right when he stated his siblings objected, but neither he nor you explored why that is. My sister devoted untold hours to taking care of our dad and mom. And I gave them considerable economical support to allow for them to stay in their residence. Our brother was mostly lacking in motion. Supplemental ideas now?


I’m glad you wrote. Loved ones conditions are practically generally additional complex than a single anecdote can convey. That is why I consider not to judge any one and recommended that your brother depart the photograph in your parents’ estate.

But now that I have you, enable me inspire you to sit down with your siblings (when it’s protected to do that) and get outside of this conflict. You’ve all experienced a huge reduction with the demise of your mom and dad, and your help for each and every other might be significantly much more valuable than any Eggleston photograph. (And I love Eggleston!) It is just stuff.

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