December 1, 2022

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Hungry monkey eats outraged student’s tablet after ‘taking over’ uni campus

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A university campus has been invaded by monkeys who are terrorising student’s by stealing their valuable belongings and post.

A second year student at a renowned Singapore university posted photos of a mischievous macaque on a balcony chomping on his newly delivered tablet while he safely stays inside.

According to the student at Nanyang Technological University (NTC) the equipment taken was a drawing tablet that he needed for his studies.

In photos shared on Reddit the monkey is pictured with a ripped-open box as he tucks into the tablet and the drawing pen, reports Coconuts.

In the post user Jeff_98 wrote: “In continuation of the NTU monkey invasion saga, here’s my drawing tablet getting chomped on by monkeys“.

The student hid inside as the cheeky monkey tucked into the newly delivered tablet

According to the student he had asked a friend to “hold onto” his parcel but the monkey sneaked in through an open window, dashing off with the tablet and some bread.

The parcel had arrived “literally arrived 6 hours before attack” Jeff_98 added in the Reddit thread.

A person living below the balcony where the monkey was snapped commented: “I’m the guy below u, monkeys invaded my s*** as well.”

The monkey also took a shine to the tablet's pen
The monkey also took a shine to the tablet’s pen

It appeared the damage caused by the monkey was only superficial though with the student indicating the tablet was still “usable” but there was some damage to it.

The posts certainly caused some amusement with many people commenting on the photos.

One person joked: “when you didn’t submit your homework because the monkeys ate it”.

The tablet was delivered only 6 hours before it was stolen
The tablet was delivered only 6 hours before it was stolen

A second person commented: “Maybe just wants to sign his autograph on your art work?”

Others suggested ways to outsmart the monkey, with one user writing: “I think you guys might want to standby a water gun in case of more invasions haha.”

Another person commented: “Treat it as you’ve gotten a limited edition pen and tablet, signed with bite marks and ape saliva”.

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