January 31, 2023

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Kid’s tablet segment to be the new growth engine in the coming decade

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The tablet market is back in action and if a market survey by Zion market Research is to be believed, the kid’s tablet market would be driving substantial growth in the next few years. As per the report, revenue from the kid’s tablet market could top $36.89 billion USD by 2027, which makes for a respectable 16.2 percent growth over the period from 2019 to 2027. As it is, the segment reported revenues worth 9.54 billion in 2018.

All of this should be good news for the manufacturers as well as the developer community and the data service providers. The reason for higher demand for kid-specific tablets shouldn’t be hard to decipher either, what with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing many to opt for hardware to aid in work and study from home. Plus, tablets can be a nice entertainment tool as well when most have been forced to remain indoors.

This has also opened new opportunities for developers to come up with apps that allow the kids to carry on with their education seamlessly right from their homes. Those include not only attending virtual classrooms, they also get to study books or other interactive material to further their educational initiative. In fact, the entire education system that so far has been conducted in a face-to-face mode is being remodeled to suit a virtual theme.

It is not only attending virtual classrooms or reading books and other reading materials, tablets have also been put to other uses as well. Those include attending classes for drawing, dancing, or even martial arts training as well. Plus, tablets are also being increasingly used by children for coding and calligraphy. No wonder, tablets are projected to grow three times that of smartphones in the coming years.

Among the other factors that too are poised to add to the popularity of tablets in the foreseeable future are emerging technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D displays. These can not only allow for more mesmerizing forms of entertainment and gaming but those can also be applied in the education segment too. The emerging 5G market too is another factor that too will be contributing to the tablet growth story in the coming decade.

Among the regions that are poised to emerge as growth centers of tablet devices in the coming years include Europe which itself is expected to add 30 percent to the overall global tablet demand. Russia and Turkey too are the other markets where tablet usage is expected to explode in the years to come.

As for the companies that are likely to capitalize on the increasing demand for tablet devices in the coming decade include Mattel, Lenovo, LeapFrog Enterprises, KD Interactive, Contixo, Samsung, Dragon Touch, Amazon, Open Text, Micromax, Magnet Forensics, Log Rhythm, Access Data, and Fire Eye.

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