May 22, 2022

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New Frio devices enable you get your off-digital camera lighting particularly the place you need it

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Frio’s new lighting mounts let you place external LED panels and flashguns accurately in which you will need them, with no the fuss (and excursion hazard) of lighting stands. With a collection of clamps, arms and suction pads, they can set your lights in the excellent posture even in the tightest spaces.

They are based all-around the Frio Keep, a compact but invaluable ‘cold shoe’ adaptor. On the best it has a slide-in accent mount for any off-camera flashguns or LED panels designed for digicam hotshots, and on the underside it has 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch screw holds for attaching to a tripod.

Chilly shoes are best for off-digital camera lighting. They are ‘cold’ because there are no electrical connections, so the Frio Maintain is both equally economical and can take up nearly no area at all in your digital camera bag. LED panels do not require electrical connections, and off-digital camera flash is controlled wirelessly, so a chilly shoe is fantastic.

The Frio Grasp (available in Mini and Bigi versions) is just one of a series of new chilly shoe mounts for correcting up exterior lighting with out the faff of lights stands. (Impression credit score: Frio)

Get a grip!

The New Frio attachments choose the concept additional. You no for a longer period need to have a bulky tripod or lights stand to mount your mild on, as these attachments enable you place it in all types of inaccessible corners devoid of getting up any extra room.

Frio Maintain: This is the chilly shoe adaptor by itself. It expenses $12.99 singly or £34.99 as a three-pack. You can mount it directly on a tripod or any of the New Frio extras.

Frio Grasp: This is basically a ball head on an adjustable clamp, supplying 360-diploma orientation and suitable for tabletops, railings, poles and a lot more. It comes in Bigi ($89.99) and Mini ($79.99) versions.

Frio Arch: A 360-diploma articulating ball head and shaft for attaching the Frio Maintain to mild stands or tripods and offering a great deal larger freedom of movement ($49.99).

Frio Cling: A vacuum driven suction pad to connect to mirrors, windows and other sleek surfaces with a ball head for whole articulation ($99.99)

Frio Stand: The Frio Stand has a newborn 5/8-in female pin receptor that mounts to arms, light stands, C-stands, roller stands, wall plates—or any standard grip equipment ($39.99)

Frio Get to: Produced in conjunction with Tether Instruments, this is a jointed arm with a major-responsibility clamp at just one conclusion and a Frio Stand at the other ($170)

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