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19 of the Best 2021 Halloween Pop Culture Costume Ideas

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Halloween is a little more than four months away, and though that may seem like a *while* you know the summer will fly by. Fall officially starts September 22 this year, and once that date comes, you’ll probably be all like, Whoa, what is my Halloween costume gonna be? To get you thinking ahead, we rounded up 19 get-ups inspired by the pop culture moments of 2021. I mean, a LOT happened this year already: Ben Affleck and J. Lo are once again A Thing, Bridgerton became a full-blown Netflix phenomenon, and we got Harry Styles in a feather boa and leather ‘fit at the Grammys.

Obviously, there’s more to come in 2021, but if you want some ideas to brainstorm, keep scrolling for some fun pop culture costume ideas for Halloween 2021, and how to shop each one.

Gossip Girl

Jose Perez/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images

The reboot is coming on July 8, and from the trailer and the behind-the-scenes pics, I can confirm the fashion (and drama) is gonna be SO good with the new cast. Live out your GG dreams by going as one of the characters for Halloween, like Jordan Alexander here who is playing Julien Calloway, or even one of the OG roles like Serena and Blair. You know you love them. XOXO.

Coming 2 America

coming 2 america

Prime Video

Go as King Akeem and Lisa McDowell in their extravagant royal outfits in this funny sequel. Add a crown, throw on a vivid dress, and pile on the jewelry like the queen you are this Halloween.


the 75th annual academy awards arrivals

Dan MacMedanGetty Images

Nothing was more shocking/exciting/quizzical than the reports that after Jennifer Lopez’s split with A Rod, she reunited with her ex Ben Affleck after more than a decade. Recreate the pair’s iconic 2003 Oscars look with a one-shoulder dress, chignon, and tux to channel Bennifer. (And maybe grab some Dunkin’ on your way to your Halloween party.)




The chemistry between Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke stole the show, and you can easily turn their characters into a couple’s costume by snagging a light blue nap dress, sparkly clips, gloves, and a brocade jacket.




Ziwe Fumudoh’s overall aesthetic on Showtime is absolutely iconic. If you’ve been keeping up with the comedian and want to pay homage to the show, you can channel the vibe with the below. (It just got picked up for Season 2, FYI!)

Barb and Star Go to Vista del Mar

barb and star


This seaside comedy was just so purely wacky that you couldn’t help but feel warm and fuzzy after watching it. Barb and Star’s fashion pretty much made the movie, too. Throw on your best culottes, tropical shirt, and visor to turn into the chatty tourists.

Godzilla vs. Kong

godzilla vs kong

Legendary Pictures

Was the movie terrible? Absolutely. Was there not enough monster fighting in it? Also yes. But will people recognize your costume? 100 percent.


elizabeth olsen as wanda maximoff in marvel studios' wandavision exclusively on disney photo courtesy of marvel studios ©marvel studios 2021 all rights reserved

Marvel Studios

This Disney + show introduced Wanda Maximoff’s original costume in the Halloween episode, and it was too cute. Be your own Wanda during spooky season with a red cape, horned headpiece, and a leotard.

Harry Styles at the Grammys

63rd annual grammy awards  telecast

Kevin WinterGetty Images

He not only wore a feather boa on the red carpet, he also wore one while performing “Watermelon Sugar” at the award ceremony. If you don’t want to overheat in an all-leather outfit, any black blazer and pants will do because the star is the green wrap around your neck.

THE Oprah Interview with Meghan and Harry

oprah interivew


Everyone and their mother tuned in to listen to this bombshell interview in March, so if you’re in a group, one can wear a J. Crew suit, another person can don the floral dress, and the other can be freakin’ Oprah Winfrey in all pink. (Wicker chairs really help nail it, but I understand if you can’t lug them around with you all night. That’s a lot.)

Taylor Swift’s Folklore/Evermore Albums

folklore album

Taylor Swift

evermore album

Taylor Swift

T Swift blessed everyone with all the albums this year (okay, so technically Folklore was released in 2020, but it’s fine). She really leaned into a dreamy, outdoorsy aesthetic for the imagery of “Folklore” and “Evermore,” so you and a friend can dress like each one this Halloween to prove you’re the biggest fans.

Olivia Rodrigo in the “good 4 u” Music Video

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Olivia’s debut album “Sour,” really gave millennials that high-school nostalgia with her angsty lyrics, and her single “good 4 u” had the most notable look in her music video: a light-blue cheer uniform with black latex gloves and hair clips.

The Masked Singer

the masked singer


This chaotic show gave us Kermit singing in a snail costume? And if you’re into that, you, too, can be a singing snail for Halloween. (Or any one of the weird characters also on the show. The world’s your oyster!)



Apple TV

When the pitch is Rose Bryne as an ’80s aerobics instructor, I’m immediately sold. This Apple TV show debuted in June, and naturally there are lots of leotards, sweatbands, leg warmers, and perms involved making it a perfect costume.


girls 5 eva


Get your own girl group together this Halloween to turn into Girls5eva. You just need mics, hot pink outfits, and stellar singing voices. (Alright, that last one isn’t required, but it’d be pretty cool to show off.)

Nicole Kidman in The Undoing

celebrity sightings in new york city april 16, 2019

GothamGetty Images

Nicole wore a plethora of fabulous coats when playing Grace Fraser in this HBO hit, and now you can wear a luxe burgundy one too! This is a v practical costume if it’s cold out on Halloween night, by the way.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians



The show is finally over after a whopping 20 seasons, so if you’re upset about it ending, turn into the Kardashian-Jenner sisters this October by wearing various neutral shades and using a lip kit.

Ted Lasso

ted lasso

Apple TV

I highly encourage you to watch this heart-warming, endearing show if you haven’t already. And if you have, there’s no doubt that you’re already 100 percent in on being Ted Lasso for Halloween. With some friends you can add in Nate, Coach Beard, and Keeley, too.

Chris Meloni

chris meloni


When I saw this pic of Chris Meloni floating around on Twitter, I audibly gasped. He posted it on his Instagram (it’s a behind-the-scenes pic of an Interview shoot), and inspired people everywhere to dress like a hot watermelon. If you’re into more niche pop culture costumes and you also happen to love Law & Order: SVU, this one’s for you.

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