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34 Coronavirus Halloween Fabric Face Masks

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Halloween is probably the only occasion during the novel coronavirus pandemic when wearing a face mask makes more sense than ever. You probably already own a mini collection of cloth-based face masks by now, either made by hand or simply accumulated through lots of online shopping. The best Halloween masks, however, are being released now: These fun, whimsical, and seriously spooky options for Halloween will make health concerns around gathering in public spaces less frightening. Buying a Halloween face mask is a must for anyone who is planning on a new kind of celebration this year (whether that’s a quarantine-friendly Halloween celebration or for those heading out to trick or treat).

Before you ask: Yes, you should absolutely be wearing a face mask this Halloween, particularly if you decide to spend time outside of your home with people you don’t live with, or inside your home with visitors. “The best thing you can do to reduce your risk is to limit your interaction with others as much as possible… Make sure you and your kids are wearing face coverings that cover the nose and mouth,” advises Molly Hyde, MHS, CIC, an infection control practitioner in Maryland-based GBMC Healthcare. “If you [plan to] hand out candy in person, make sure you are wearing a face covering over your nose and mouth when giving out candy.”

While cloth-based masks aren’t as protective as traditional medical-grade respirators like N95 masks, they work to prevent those who may be sick with COVID-19 from spewing infectious droplets into the air and onto surfaces around them. Also keep in mind that wearing a mask is just one precaution you should take this Halloween — you’ll also need to maintain social distance, keep your hands as clean as possible, and of course, stay in pedestrian-friendly areas while out and about in the dark.

Below, we’ve pulled a collection of cloth masks that will add a safe touch to the Halloween costume you’ve already picked out — or maybe even help inspire a new Halloween costume idea. With the help of Lexie Sachs, the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Textiles Director, we’ve analyzed dozens of reusable and disposable face masks that are aesthetically designed for the upcoming season. These picks are made with breathable, functional materials, are sure to fit snugly against your nose and mouth and will complete any Halloween look during the pandemic.

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For those without a costume

Halloween Face Masks



Maybe you don’t feel like wearing a costume this year — or maybe you just feel like celebrating Halloween every day this fall?! Either way, these cotton-based masks are made in 26 different fabric finishes, which can help you feel festive every day in October.


For the ‘Hocus Pocus’ Devotee

Winifred Sanderson Mask



Calling all of the “Sisters!” out there! Winnifred Sanderson is back and better than ever thanks to this face mask. It’s made with a cotton-poly blend and a bit of elastane, so it’ll stretch to fit your face snugly. 


For Jack-o’-Lantern lovers

Pumpkin Face Mask




For Coffee Lovers

Pumpkin Spice Reusable Face Mask Covering

Whether you take Starbucks inspiration for your Halloween costume, or you simply can’t get enough PSL in your life — this mask is absolutely for you.


For Quick Use

Halloween Face Mask, Disposable


Looking for a medical grade mask option that you can safely dispose of? This 3-ply mask comes equipped with a nose clip and a spooktacular Halloween print. 


For ‘The Mandalorian’ fans

Baby Yoda Face Mask




For the ‘Star Wars’ geek

‘Star Wars’ Cloth Face Masks (4-Pack Set)

Disney Parks



For Color Fanatics

Reusable Cloth Halloween Face Mask Set



Five super fun faces for each day of the week! You’ll love how Crayola’s masks secure tightly to your face with adjustable straps.


For cat ladies everywhere

Kitty Cat Face Mask



Redbubble’s designs are printed on cloth-based masks spun from a blend of  two layers of polyester and a bit of spandex fabric for the ear loops itself. If you’re dressing up in a DIY cat costume, just add a cute pair of ears to this mask.


For the ‘Harry Potter’ Fanatic

Gryffindor Plaid Logo Face Mask



Calling all those brave and courageous wizards and witches! Good news: Dressing up as Harry, Ron, Hermione, or any of your favorite Hogwarts students just took a new twist with these masks. Even better news: They’re also made for those in other houses, even those in Slytherin.


Halloween Face Mask With Filter

We love how jovial these Halloween masks feel, even if they include dark elements like Jack-o-Lanterns. You can shop for optional carbon filters for an additional level of protection.


For Charlie Brown Fans

Peanuts Halloween Mask



Calling all Peanuts fans! These adorable medical-style face masks are woven together with a particularly thrilling print featuring Snoopy and the gang. 


For His and Hers Duo

The Nightmare Before Christmas Face Masks



Looking for a couple’s costume idea? This Disney printed option takes the two star-crossed lovers from Nightmare Before Christmas and memorializes them into cute Halloween face masks! 


For Devoted ‘Golden Girls’ Fans

‘Golden Girls’ Face Mask




For disposable use

Disposable Face Mask



If you’re on the hunt for patterned disposable masks, Medipop’s bright neon-like prints are a good option for you. These medical-style masks are made with non-woven fabric for a sturdy front cover.


For Sports Lovers

New York Knicks Cloth Face Covering (3-Pack)


For ‘Twilight’ Stans

The Purple’s Cool Mask



Team Edward, assemble! Hot on the heels of this year’s Midnight Sun, every Twilight fan can make it through Halloween as Bella with this soft cotton sateen mask, which is a bit of an insider’s nod to the film franchise (remember Bella’s bedroom?!). But if you’re looking for something more obvious, this mask is reversible, and you’ll find the Midnight Sun pomegranate on its flipside. 


For the Mom Who’s a Superhero

Wonder Woman Golden Logo Face Mask



Stepping into Wonder Woman’s boots might be easier this year, as you’ve been working hard to keep everyone in your community as safe as possible. You’ll love how this snug polyester mask compliments a bonafide superhero costume.


For Horror Movie Diehards

Friends Spoof Halloween Face Mask

Woah, this is not the show we know and love?! Diehard horror aficionados will love this pop-culture reference to some of the most iconic film genre stars.   


For Nostalgic Trick or Treaters

Face Mask with Replaceable Filters

Who doesn’t love Jack Skellington and his trusty sidekick skeleton dog, Zero? This adorable print will make a lovely addition to any Halloween lover’s face mask roster.


For the Minimalist

Pumpkin Face Mask, Unisex



So simple, so refined, so Halloween! “This mask is super cute and comfortable,” one shopper shares. “I get a ton of compliments on it.”


For Celestial Queens

Moon and Stars Face Mask

A black and white print is simple, but this print is anything but boring. This breathable option is made with two layers of cotton.


For Glitter Fans

Halloween Face Mask, Glitter Spider Webs



A sparkly web overlay adds a serious pop to an otherwise flawless face mask. You’ll have to hand wash this one — or save it for your trick-or-treating adventures on Halloween eve.


For Avid Trick or Treaters

Halloween Glow in the Dark Face Mask



Equipped with a slot for a carbon filter, these masks will get all of your neighbor’s attention. That’s because they’re glow in the dark, of course!


For Pop Art Fans

Fabric Pop Art Face Mask



The scream that was seen, not heard! Halloween fans will die for this vintage-inspired mask featuring an iconic pop art print.


For our pet pals

Matching Face Mask and Pet Bandanna

Sock Fancy x Goodboy



For Canine Sidekicks

Halloween Face Mask and Dog Bandana



Another matching set for canine sidekicks, this mask and dog’s bonnet will snag all the hearts on Instagram come October 31. Plus, Milkbone also makes a Jack-o’-Lantern variety, too.


For the art visionary

Washable Face Masks With Ties

House of Perna


We love how Amanda Perna, the brains behind this brand and the DIY maven who helped create our own mask sewing guides, turned an appreciation for vibrant, iconic colors and prints into these head-turning masks. From mixed cheetah prints to florals and shibori, your bound to find a unique face mask (equipped with ties, not straps, for comfort!) for your ensemble here.


For 1960s Groovy Vibes

Pearl Tie Dye Mask

Leah Kirsch


Feeling a 1960s vibe this year? We love this modern interpretation of a classic trend; you’ll shop this hand-dyed cotton mask that’s been made from repurposed t-shirt material with an accompanying cropped top. 

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For Comic Nerds

Harley Quinn Chibi Face Mask



With this year’s long-awaited release of Birds of Prey, we have a feeling that Harley Quinn is going to be a popular costume for the ladies. MaskClub also has a few more polyester-based options for Harley fans, and many other DC characters as well.


For the Ultimate ‘Friends’ Fan

‘Friends’ Pivot! Face Mask



It’s the one where they all dress up for Halloween (safely!).  Any bonafide Friends fan will recall exactly which hilarious episode this scene played out in, but even non-Friends fans will have their own two-cents on “pivoting” their plans these days.  


For cowboys or bandits in training

The Better Bandana™ v2

Inex Gear


You may have heard recent news that scientists at Duke University discovered data suggesting bandanas might be ineffective at preventing potentially infectious particles from escaping your nose and throat. But this bandana is designed differently: Its dimensions are designed to provide three layers of fabric over users’ nose and mouth, plus a secret embedded nanofiber filter. Your cowboy look is a cinch with this buy!


For ‘Mean Girls’ Fans

Mouse Face Mask




For the fashion lover

Ladies’ Designer Face Mask

Gotta Have Face


We love a good glam look! If you’re planning on stepping out in a celebrity-inspired costume, these simply branded masks are a great fit. An added bonus? All net proceeds from will be donated to a local charity in Los Angeles.  

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