August 5, 2022

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Halloween Pinball Arrives as a Loving Tribute to John Carpenter’s Horror Masterpiece

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Spooky Pinball LLC has officially announced their Halloween pinball machine based on the classic 1978 John Carpenter movie. And it is certainly a sight to behold. Any Halloween or horror fan would love to get their hands on this beautiful piece of functioning art, which pays tribute to Michael Myers and his legacy. Spooky Pinball had this to say after unveiling the machine for the first time this week.

“Finally, a true horror game for fans of all things Spooky! Do battle against Michael Myers in Haddonfield. Features clips from the original film, custom speech including from the original cast PJ Soles! The complete original film score and newly inspired by the classic film music from Matt “Count D” Montgomery. Incredible custom art from Jason Edmiston, and more features than you can stab a pumpkin with! Availble at 9 am central on July 7th for Spooky Pinball Fang Club members. Get one now, before HE gets YOU!”

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  • Halloween 1978 Pinball Features Include:
  •  Dual Inlane Lifters
  •  Triple interactive Michael Hedge Toy
  •  Four Custom Stainless Ramps
  •  Judith Meyers Tombstone Drop Target Ball Lock
  •  Lighted Jack-O-Lantern Drop bank
  • Three upper Playfields (One Playable Smith’s Grove Sanitarium Playfield, One Playable House Playfield, One Passive Playfield.)
  •  Degree LED Flashers
  •  Sculpted Pumpkin with 360 LED Flasher inside
  •  Custom Metal Ball Drop Down Mech
  •  Dual Spinner Loop
  • Interactive RGB Lighting.
  •  Upper Playfield RGB Strip Lighting
  •  Seven Physical Ball Locks
Halloween Pinball Backglass

Many franchises have been featured on pinball machines. Now the 1978 classic Halloween film is set to join the fray. The Spooky Pinball machine will be released featuring the iconic characters from the original movie. The machine is being developed by Spooky Pinball, Compass, and Trancas.

Previously, the backglass artwork designed by Jason Edmiston had been teased out and released. Now more details have been unveiled for this amazing looking pinball machine. A video with the background music created by the film’s director Jon Carpenter goes into depth about the games specs. Snippets of text describing the machine’s features are sprinkled throughout the trailer. An example includes a description that reads, “Dual spinner combo shock.”

The pinball has clips from the movie, along with the voice of the Halloween cast member PJ Soles. For those who do not know, Soles played Lynda Van Der Klok, one of Laurie Strode’s best friends and an early victim for Michael Myers. An example of a clip features one of the movie’s most famous kills. In the scene, Michael pulls a man up by his neck and stabs him through the chest. The victim is left impaled to the wall with his feet off the ground. It is an iconic moment in horror history that has forever been etched in the minds of moviegoers worldwide.

Halloween Pinball #2

Halloween Price Plan/Features:

  • Standard – $6995
  •  $1,000 initial payment
  •  No add ons
  •  Built last
  • Blood Sucker Edition – $7995
  •  $1500 initial payment
  •  Built before all standards!
  •  Clear plastic protectors
  •  Interior graphics
  •  Knocker kit installation
  •  Shaker kit installation
  •  Interactive RGB speaker kit and standard grill
  •  Target decals
  •  Coin box and lid
  •  Powder coated to match bill acceptor ready door(bill acceptor not included)
  •  Custom metallic flake powder coat
  •  Blood Sucker Edition numbered plaque
  •  Flipper button protective armor
  • Collector’s Edition – $8995
  •  $2,000 initial payment
  •  Built 1st!
  •  Orange plastic protectors
  •  Interior graphics
  •  Knocker kit installation
  •  Shaker kit installation
  •  Coin box and lid
  •  Target decals
  •  Interactive RGB speaker kit and custom grills
  •  Powder coated to match bill acceptor ready door (bill acceptor not included)
  •  Custom gold vein powder coat
  •  Custom laser cut side rails
  •  Collector’s edition numbered plaque
  •  Custom interactive lighted licensed topper
  •  Custom sculpted shooter rod
  •  Additional licensed decorative toy

On the back of the machine, there is a custom-lit interactive topper of the famous artwork from the classic poster featuring a pumpkin and kitchen knife. An interesting feature is that it’s a real knife. The prop is a reference to killer Michael Myers’ most frequently weapon. One he still brandishes today in the upcoming Halloween Kills.

Additionally, a knife serves as the custom handle. Myers peaks out of his iconic hedges in a triple interactive toy bank. Other details include a flashing pumpkin sculpt, a triple-lighted pumpkin drop bank, a Judith Myers tombstone ball lock, and triple upper playfields to help get you up to the balcony for the big finale, which is pulled directly from John Carpenter’s edge-of-your-seat climax, the showdown between Michael and Laurie.

One of the highlights of the Halloween Pinball is the highly realistic artwork depicting the iconic characters from the classic film. Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode and Donald Pleasance’s Sam Loomis have remarkable likenesses made in their image. It can be difficult to recreate a person’s face, so the fact that the company managed to pull it off is astonishing.

Halloween Pinball #2
  • Halloween Game Rules:
  • Halloween Guide To Survival/Massacre
  •  Use flippers to change location of skill shot. Then launch and shoot fast!
  •  Lock a ball behind each hedge to start hedge multiball. Reveal Michael behind each hedge by shooting the left ramp. Then hurry to shoot Michael Jackpots! Shoot the Michael Super Jackpot to complete mode.
  •  Shoot the right ramp to get to the Smith Grove Sanitarium Playfield. Then shoot the scoop to start Sanitarium Mode. Complete all red lit shots for Michael to escape! Then gather patients for super Jackpot.
  •  When Hedge Multiball and Smith Grove Sanitarium have been visited, you can qualify House mode by shooting the center ramp twice. Now get to that uppermost playfield! Complete orbits to battle Michael and shoot the balcony to win! (Hold the flipper on the upper playfield orbit for a wicked combo;)
  •  Start pumpkin modes by shooting either left or right orbit and clear the center drop target bank. Now shoot the pumpkin to start mode! Follow lit shots and directions to help Michael get victims/help Laurie Strode escape! By finishing each mode to full completion, Jack-O-Lantern Multiball will be lit.
  •  After visiting Hedge Mode, Sanitarium, House Mode, and all Six Jack-O-Lantern Modes, Boogeyman (sub) Wizard mode will begin. Lock all 7 balls in the order given to you to complete Boogeyman Wizard mode, the enjoy your victory lap multiball!!
  •  If you’ve completed all modes to their fullest extent, Night He Came Home Wizard mode will be lit.
  • 1-4 Players

While pinball machines have arguably been overtaken by video games in terms of popularity, the devices are still beloved by a passionate audience. Their ability to lean into nostalgia can lead to sales for movie fans and pinball lovers alike. If the continued existence of Halloween as a franchise teaches us something, it is that many moviegoers love reminders of their pasts.

Fortunately for fans, they will not have to wait long to make a purchase. Spooky Pinball Fang Club members can buy the item today, Wednesday, July 7th. The rest of the population will have the chance to get the pinball machine about two weeks later.

The classic movie came out in 1978 and was one of the first slasher films. Halloween‘s budget was about $300,000 to $325,000 and it made about $60-$70 million. This made the feature one of the most profitable films of all time. It is impressive for any low budget film to make that kind of money today. Multiple tropes that still exist in the subgenre were started in the project. Something started was the idea of the sexually active characters being murdered and the virgin characters surviving. The movie is iconic and fans might be interested in getting the tie-in pinball machine.

Halloween Pinball #3
Halloween Pinball #4
Halloween Pinball #5
Halloween Pinball #6
Halloween Pinball #7
Halloween Pinball #8
Halloween Pinball #9
Halloween Pinball #10
Halloween Pinball #11
Halloween Pinball #12
Halloween Pinball #13
Halloween Pinball #14
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Halloween Pinball #16
  • The Team Behind Spooky’s Halloween Pinball Include:
  •  Game Design – Koris Barloff…
  •  Game Animations- Ryan Policky
  •  Game Code- David Fawzma
  •  Licensing- David “Bunyip” van Es
  •  Artwork- Jason Edmiston
  •  Rules- Bug Emery and David Fawzma
  •  Engineering- Spooky Luke
  •  Wiring/ Nasty Nuts and Bolts- AJ
  •  Custom Music- Matt “Count D” Montgomery
  •  Sculpts- Matt Reister
Halloween Pinball #17
Halloween Pinball #18
Halloween Pinball #19
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